Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I say ... Embrace the Lethargy!

So after 4 months of chemo I've finally reverse trained myself down to the point where my body is not actually craving the excercise like it once did. It took months and a good number of over ambitious, yet under-energetic bike rides but I'm finally there! And, conveniently enough, the timing has meshed very well with some annoying side effects that would have kept me off the bike anyway, not to mention that it doesn't particularly matter to me NOW to grab a ride at any opportunity since I've only got 2 treatments left.

So I say bring on the 2:00 catnaps the week after treatment, and if I happen to feel up for a ride on the off week - well, if I don't put forth the effort I don't have to face the reality of my diminished cardiovascular abilities.

Why not spend a few weeks seeing how the OTHER half lives. Couch surfing and remote control curls can't be all bad, not if millions of Americans are already living the dream.

I just worry I'm too late to the game. If I'm not carefull I'll find myself sneaking out for a bike ride between the end of treatment and the final turn of the season. Then it'll be a long cold winter of fitness building. What a waste!


  1. Cute post ...

    Good luck with the last two treatments.

  2. Thanks for the comments on my blog. :)

    So I definitely understand not reading all the comments, but did you read the entry you commented on? I mentioned in the 2nd paragraph that I did the personal trainer, combinations of cardio and weight training four times a week, did running, Gravity classes and a whole bunch of different things. Everyone is a little bit different. :)