Monday, April 26, 2010

My Derby Favorites

I was just reminded that the Kentucky Derby is in eight days so I wanted to put my picks out there while they are fresh in my mind.

1. Going Frequently
2. Stopping and Starting
3. Unable to Go
4. Weak Stream
5. Trouble Going
6. Sexual Disfunction

Oh, wait a minute. Those are common symptoms related to an enlarged prostate, which I was informed I had durring my biopsy a year ago. In my case the only legitimate symptom was difficulty inserting a catheter. The symptoms from the above list I DID have were related to the healthy doses of narcotic pain medicine I was given.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Saw the Doc today

She said we could do appointments every other month since it's an inconvenience for me to take off work. Everything continues to look good.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I had put my spare road wheels on the Cross bike for good weather commuting. That worked just fine until this morning when I assumed they would roll over a driveway lip that the larger cross wheels rolled over just fine. Instead the front wheel got pushed away and my momentum carried me over onto my side. I bounced back up, but the front tire had been torn by the curb and had gone flat. So out comes the never used CO2 kit and spare tube. Fortunately the tube was good. Unfortunately I leaked more CO2 than I should have inflating things back up. So now I've got a 60 psi front tire with a small paper to hold the tear waiting to take me home later today. Hopefully it holds.

I should really carry a pump for a backup. Could have easilly been a 2 mile walk this morning. Curious if the tire has an air when I get back to the bike this evening.