Friday, October 2, 2009


October 2nd today.

It's a confluence of important 10/2 dates for me.

1969 - My SIL Judith was born. (I THINK she's 40. I have enough trouble with my own age so I'll just have to hope I'm right)

1971 - My brother Adam was born. I'm sure about this year.

1996 - Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

The last event MUST hold the most significance for me, based on my behavior today. I went in to Radio Shack (heretofore known as The SHACK ) to pick up yet another item for less than $10. Wouldn't you know it they (of course) had LIVESTRONG bracelets. I haven't had one since I lost the one I was given by my brother in law years ago. BTW, it's not HIS birthday. Spent the extra dollar to support the cause. I'd been meaning to get another one ever since I spent the gift card the folks from work got me on some Livestrong gear several weeks ago, but DIDN'T pony up the extra dollar for the bracelet at that time. Here's how cheap I can be: I had a hard time even buying the gear (did I mention I had a gift card?) given you pay a bit of a premium for the foundation.

Funny story on livstrong gear. A couple years ago I got my brother a 10/2 t-shirt for his birthday.

Also went on a bike ride today. First time in weeks. Didn't ride after my last treatment due to some complications. Glad I went. I always like to get out on the bike on holidays/birthdays/etc. This is another important date to add to the calendar, now.

So happy birthday to Judith and Adam. Happy bike ride day to me.

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  1. congrats on the bike ride! good for the morale, and i hope it went well!