Thursday, October 8, 2009

Second Wind

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Second to last treatment tomorrow. Lately I've been sort of dreading them. Been feeling the cumulative effects, even durring treatment. Been needing extra meds while there.

Well now the end is really in sight. Thought back to my consults before treatment. Especially the part where the docs said to be most effective these treatments need to be on schedule all the time. Back then I thought "Hell yeah, well sign me up!" Easily said then, but when I was in the middle it felt like a L O N G road.

Now I feel like I've really got it behind me. If you want a cycling analogy I'm on top of the gear. I've done my treatments, infection control, and forgone vacations. I became my own advocate and, along with my medical team, managed this ... thing and all that goes with it.

People tell me I've handled it well, even the one's who got to see me as a mean, grumpy SOB with no patience for even polite conversation. I handled it the only way I could . It's a back to the wall situation.

Now it's just tomorow, and then the last one in two more weeks.

Time to finish.


  1. Hey man, you're doing great! I'm still planning on taking you in two weeks if that still works for you ... hoping to get to see you as a mean, grumpy SOB, but if it doesn't hit fast enough I can hang out with your father afterwards!

  2. dude.. seriously you are a inspiration. A realistic definition of "Bad Ass"!

  3. It may be a 15% grade, but it's the last hill...

  4. heyyyyy congrats on being almost done!!!! have a big party for halloween or something. i'm having one right after thanksgiving (since i'm done the week before)

    good luck with the last one!