Monday, August 31, 2009

Got my yellow on ...

No, not the lance bracelet. Just finished chemo # 8. Skin always goes a bit yellow the day of. I had my SIL Sarah take a picture. Second trip for her. She's real good at it! We both have a good time when she's there. Field trip to the Cancer Ward!

Today was Get Shorty and more of Season 1 of Sopranos.

Trouble sleeping again last night. Note to self: Ativan helps to shut the brain down. Next time take it before 2:00 am. Chemo sucks on short sleep. Actually, it sucks regardless, but more if you're tired.

WBC were back up. Neutrophil shot on Thursday did the job, and there were ultimately no ill effects from Friday's bee sting (aside from the usual).

I've got another CT scan on Friday to check the size of the tumor. No PET this time

8 down, 4 to go. Starting to feel like I'm getting there. whoopdee fuckin' do


  1. how long does it take for the jaundice to disappear?