Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Betrayed - I don't think so

It seems to be a constant refrain from cancer patients - "My body betrayed me."

I'd have to go the other way on that. Looking back I'd consider my body a worthy ally throughout this fight.

So, what, one cell went bad to start the tumor out of how many? Trillions?

Not unexptected, especially having an Uncle who had the same disease given what I know (albeit limited) about probability, and medical probability specifically.

Since starting treatment my body has done the following:

- First and foremost: responded exceptionally well to treatment

- Handled 3 necessary surgeries within a month

- Handled the chemo relatively well (despite my not so occasional complaints)

- Allowed me to continue to ride the bike, and I would say, effectively given what it's been through

- Maintained a stable weight

- Remained relatively free of complications - I have NOT been hospitalized since starting treatment

Betrayal is certainly not a word that comes to mind considering that record. Until now I've basically always been healthy, and always counted on my body to stay healthy and perform.

I never thought I'd need it to perform in this way, but I certainly expected it to rise to the occasion when I found I was sick.

And it hasn't let me down.


  1. Dude, you have one seriously good attitude. I bet that has helped with your body doing well also.

  2. second what Eric says, keep it up.

  3. Like you I've never understood that implication of betrayal. That's like blaming a pile of mud for a dam breaking.
    Then again, some people default to blaming and it's an easy target.

  4. Well written. Keep in mind - there are miles and miles of singletrack to conquer once you've whipped up on your illness.