Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another day after Ride

Went off-road with Claire. These rides are starting to feel like what my doctor wants me to do. Low end of moderate, but still one and a half hours. I made sure to cut it off so it wouldn't be two. She still helped me feel fast :).

I'm being more purposefull about drinking water. It was hard at first - the taste. But you have to go after it. Gatorade helps, and I'm helping to flush out better. We'll see how Monday, Tuesday go. Monday is the first day without the EMEND. So far I'm getting through on Zofran and Ativan. Compazine at bed.

More pharmacy nonsense today. Finally tracked down my refill and got it picked up. At this point MY word should be good to get the regular stuff filled! How's that for healthcare reform?

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