Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Treatment - cont V

June 6

Thursday I actually had to leave work early. I had an onset of pretty sever joint pain - lower back, hips, etc. and thought I felt a fever coming on. I don't work in the best part of town so if I had to go to the hospital with a fever it was going to be in my neighborhood. Got to my parents house and the temp was OK so I downed 2 emergency percocet I kept on hand. Joint and muscle pain is a known side effect of the neupogen. I could feel it the next day (Friday) but not enough to warrant any more meds. Asked the nurse in treatment if it was OK to take some advil if it flared up again and she said that wouldn't be a problem.

Round 2 in the books as of Friday. So far so good. No problems with breakfast and the OJ keeps the "taste" down. They did a repeat on the CBC and the neutrophil component of the WBC is still down, so I go back in on Monday for more blood work and possibly another neupogen shot.

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