Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More side effects - bad

Mucositis: inflammation of a mucos membrane.

Sounds fairly innocuous, but I can assure you it's not. It started out as a couple sores in the mouth - result of a compromized immune system not able to fight off common viruses.

On Sunday it started to become a real problem. Went to lunch with my brother after a bike ride and had a real problem eating a sandwich because of the pain in my mouth. Got to my mom's and raided her leftover Vicodin. Ate them like candy that night trying to relieve the pain. Marginally helpfull.

Had a Dr. visit anyway the next day. They wrote me a bunch of prescriptions for percocet refills, washes to numb the mouth topically, and stronger anti virals.

Went to work for a couple hours and suffered through 2 hours while I waited for the local pharmacy to fill what they could. At the pharmacy I got a call from the Dr's office. My liver function was elevated so I should NOT take any more percocet which has tylenol in it. They had an Rx for Oxycodone that I would have to swing by the hospital to pick up. Got the prescriptions that were ready at the parmacy and used one of the washes immediately, getting some relief. Made it to the hospital in time to get the Oxy Rx.

Headed over to Bethesda to meet my cousin, and fill the Oxy prescription at a local Giant. When that was filled, I drove over to the restaurant. Parked, downed 3 Oxycodones and used the wash again. Dinner was still painfull to eat, and half way through I went back to the car for another wash.

At home I continued with the meds but had a hard time getting to sleep. Finally went down after 12:30 am.

Today woke up before 6 with my mouth on fire. Absolutely the most discomfort I've had in this entire experience including the 2 surgeries. 8 out of 10 on a pain scale. Hit the wash again, and took more oxycodone. Emailed my Dr's office (she has a Nurse Practicioner) and let them know about my pain. Even with all the meds I was not getting ahead of it. She called me back shortly after 8. Told me to up the dosage of the Oxycodone and continue with the wash. Offered to write an Rx for liquid Morphine if my meds on hand didn't get the job done. It took a while but the meds finally got me a little bit ahead of the pain.

Wound up taking a nap between 2 and 4 pm. Needed the sleep but woke up behind the 8 ball again. Everything had worn off. Started all the pain meds and washes back up and took hours to get enough on board that I felt ahead of it again. Mouth pain is the worst. There have to be tons of sensitive nerves and each one of them felt irritated.

Going back to the Dr. tomorow for blood work. If tomorow morning is anything like today I'll hit the pain meds first thing and have my brother drive me down. At this point I'm eating Oxycodone almost like M&M's and having marginal success dealing with this discomfort. If it is bad tomorow I'll take the Morphine script home and hope that works better until this resolves. They DO have me on stronger anti-virals and another medicated wash to treat this topically as well.


  1. Damn, that sounds like is sucks badly! Hope they find something to fix this quickly.

  2. that is the worst type of pain....i'm sorry for everything you are going through....

    what cousin did you meet in bethesda???

  3. Hey man, that sucks, I hope the meds let you get out in front of it and stay there and that this passes soon. All best ...

  4. this sounds completely awful.
    I do not envy you and your experience

    one thing that may help the pain meds...

    I have heard that they work best on an empty stomach and that caffeine will accelerate the medicine's taking effect

    good luck with this
    hopefully these will all just be stories of what you had to go through