Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back up for air

Feeling like I've turned the corner about on schedule. The MO seems to be 4 "feeling kinda crappy" days after Friday treatment, and then getting back to normal around Tuesday or Wednesday. Did a bike ride the Saturday after treatment (the really "crappy" stuff kicks in on Sunday) with no apparent ill effects so I'm going to try to continue that. I suspect it could only help metabolize the chemo out.

Starting to get pretty conversant on the blood work that gets done a couple times a week - looking at WBC counts and liver function enzymes.

I think I've finally learned not to plan any visits early in the week after treatment. I just never feel good enough to pull it off. An unexpected bonus has been reconnecting with folks from the past, and making some new connections as well.


  1. Chris -- I must be living in a cave. I had no idea. I saw Joel posted something on facebook. Chemo sux. Sounds ironic but Hodgkins is one of the best cancers to get... I know... if you had to choose one that is. Man, hang in there. I know you will, just like a really hard training ride... don't get dropped. Hang in there buddy. Thinking about you.

  2. Chris, Great blog, but I'm so sorry you're having to go thru this. Keep punchin' cancer in the face!!

  3. Roger you're right about Hodgkins. When we were going through diagnosis it's the one we were "hoping" for. But obviously "intensive chemotherapy" is no joke!