Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of the year, last day of treatment

So how strange is this? I get my LAST radiation treatment on the LAST day of the year in which I was first diagnosed. That was pretty cool. When the therapist said 'see you Monday' I replied 'No, you won't!' It was a good feeling to walk out of that room for the last time. And I finally felt I needed to take the day off of work to get some rest. I think the fatigue from the radiation has been slowly sneaking up on me, and it didn't help that since I had to drive to the hospital every day it made finding time to exercise difficult. I do remember having a pre-treatment conversation at the hospital. I was told that the side effects would probably get noticable about the time I was finishing treatment. That indeed proved to be the case. Now I'll get a four (not three) day weekend to start to recover, then figure out a 'normal' schedule come Monday.

So this 'done' is REALLY 'done.' Unlike the 'done' when I finished chemo - which was pretty great on its own merrit. I've done all I can to treat my Hodgkins, and hopefully it has been enough.

I remember in the spring telling my cousin I'd been sick for the whole year. That was right before I was diagnosed. Looks like I'm starting out this year NOT sick. I'll make that trade any time.

Hope everyones New Year also turns a corner for the better!

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  1. That is great ... having your last treatment in 2009. What a great start to the new year ... cancer free.