Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Got my latest blood work back

Red counts are completely normal. So, no more excuses. Well, except I'm still undergoing radiation to the residual mass. Which, if there were no side effects (and there aren't yet) really botches my daily plans of riding my bike to the subway, since I have to drive to the hospital every morning. I was motivated enough to put in 35 minutes on the trainer after getting home today. Maybe I'll be able to keep up 3 exercise days a week this month so when I ramp back up in January I won't be completely out of shape.

Still looking forward to the day when I can do some damage out on the road or trail.

Thinking seriously about buying a cyclocross bike as a finishing treatment present. Maybe get that new bike fitness boost. Missed it with the mountain bike I built last winter, since I got sick right after it was finished.

I find I've become a boring patient again. Most of my answers to the doctors' questions are "No." Not as interesting as the recent past but certainly not a bad place to be.

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  1. Absolutely go buy that bike ... what the heck.