Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Appreciation for the cancer docs

Really for all the medical professionals who take care of cancer patients.  I recently dealt with my PCP for an unrelated issue and I have to say the whole experience was far less than satisfying.  I made arrangements to get into the office early enough (Friday) to have any necessary tests performed, only to be delayed IN the office to the point where I had to wait until Monday for the tests.

Monday the results either didn't get to my PCP, or his office didn't acknowledge them.

Tuesday (today) I had to follow up on both ends (dr. and radiology lab) to finally get my result.

Which was apparently wrong, according to my doctor/cousin in the field, not to mention the ARROW ON THE FILM POINTING TO THE DEFECT.

So now I'm having to continue working my case into tomorrow, when it should have been resolved (diagnostically) yesterday.

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