Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Recovering Again?

I've got a Pulmonary Function Test scheduled tomorrow to evaluate the pulmonary inflamation from the radiation. What got me into the doctor for this was having a terrible exercise session, where I had no energy, a persistent cough, and pain at the radiation site.

After finally getting in to see the doctor (as soon as snow would allow) on Monday she scheduled it and indicated she would treat based on those results.

Since then I've been on the trainer twice for about 40 minutes at a time. But no heart rate monitor, and no training video. I watched regular TV and pushed myself only as I felt up to it. Both sessions went pretty well, and after tonight I think my inflamation may be resolving itself. I certainly feel better comparatively. I'll find out for sure I guess when I get the results from tomorrows test. I suppose the best case scenario is that it IS resolving itself and no meds are needed.

Have I mentioned I'm way tired of not being well?


  1. it would be great if it resolves itself!!!

  2. Yeah, my scary question is "Is this permanent?"

  3. i hope its not permanent. please let us know how the appointment went.