Saturday, January 23, 2010

I am out of shape

But I'm trying to get back in shape. It's been a slow process, and even though I felt like I wasn't doing enough, what I WAS managing to do would sometimes feel like overdoing it.

I am impatient with this. I know how I feel on the bike when I'm fit. Right now I'm not close to that feeling. At the moment there is doubt as to weather I can ever get back there. Maybe my treatment knocked my aerobic potential down a peg or two.

Today I took my mountain bike up to the rocky trails outside of Frederick, MD. It's something I've meant to do before, but that resolve would evaporate in the morning.

This morning I got myself out of the house. At this stage showing up is much more important than the performance. I just have to hope that will come.

Once I got close to my trails I started to really get excited, remembering past winter rides. It was an unexpected feeling and I let myself enjoy it.

Once I got on the trails reality set in. I felt lacking in power and endurance. I didn't climb well and I took a number of breaks. The first lap was hard. Actually the first half of the first lap was the hardest. It DID get better. I felt good enough to try a second lap. I avoided the muddiest parts for a slightly shorter lap. I felt better climbing. A little.

I was pleased to NOT be wiped out at the end. I was smart today and not only brought some food, but ate it, too.

Still working on a weekly routine in the cold to get some improvement.


  1. I haven't had anywhere near that level of dedication to physical exertions since I was in my early 20's.
    The things I loved to do were ruled out by injuries and I never found something to replace them. I regret that now 10+ years later.
    You've got quite a bit respect from me with your dedication, seriously.

  2. the most important is that you are trying! you have gone through a lot and it may take a while to get back where you were physically....but in the end you will be succeed. it just takes time.

  3. winter fitness?

    perhaps you are just a little behind where you would normally be in this season that there is less focus on the bike

    when things dry out you will be riding more and riding harder

    it will come back

    maybe stronger!

  4. We ordered a treadmill ... with the hopes of me getting in some sort of shape ... all the best to you.

  5. I'm not a MD but I think you can also go to a nearby gym, 2 or maybe 3 days a week and do a light workout mainly with machines, movements like the leg extension, leg curls and calf raise, would help to keep you in shape, also would prevent muscles from losing their power.

    good luck