Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Took the kitchen sink approach to the chemo this round. I think my medical team has been encouraging this, I've just been too thick to get it. Used all the the drugs I had available to get through the rough days. Seemed to work pretty well. Backed it off today but was just flat as a pancake. Didn't feel sick, just felt completely lethargic. Not necessarilly a bad thing considering the alternative of a mild to moderate pervasive sick feeling. I'll have to discuss this at my next appointment. Might actually be the way to go.


  1. I admire your ability to "back off" the meds. I was on quiet a few pain meds, granted this was over a decade ago, and I got so hooked on them. I didn't have that willpower then.
    Ever since that I've refused anything strong enough to bring that back. Lord knows there's days I consider the percocet and vicodin in the pantry but the fear of going back to those days makes me stop.

  2. I read this today...

    just thought I would share